Does your wedding planning company charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total wedding budget?

We charge a flat fee for our services. As a result, we work with your best interests in mind to find you top quality vendors for a fair price. A planner who charges a percentage of your total wedding budget has no incentive to save you money where vendors are concerned and are inclined to push you over your budget to increase their bottom line. We are very transparent with you regarding budget and spending on all fronts. Any industry discounts we are able to negotiate are passed directly on to you, and never pocketed ourselves.  

Are you a planning company or a design company? Are they the same or different?

Most commonly, wedding and event planners only plan events and don’t design. And, likewise, most event designers only design and don’t participate in the planning. Our company is different because we do both planning and designing your wedding or event. We’ve always done it that way. We feel we do our best work when we both design and plan with you. It becomes a seamless process. We know which vendors inventory, style and aesthetic will be the best match for your vision. We know what’s out there and how to get it. We know how to help you dream big for your event and make your dreams a reality. We view your event from both vantage points of planning and design ensuring every detail is perfect.